Top anime movies for kids and teens

Discover the most beautiful Japanese animation films that we have selected for your children and teenagers. The stories and scenarios are original, populated with spirits of all kinds, ghosts, witches and other creatures and extraordinary and unexpected phenomena. The graphics are splendid, the nature and the landscapes idealized, magical and poetic.

These films, in the background, often take up the theme of ecology and the initiatory journey of a young heroine or a young hero, which marks the end of childhood. They also deal with subjects that the youngest will not always be able to understand: criticism of the Japanese consumer society, of the political world, of wars, but this should not be a brake. There is enough to make you want to go further in the knowledge of the fascinating culture of Japan. Enjoy!

Animations for the youngest

My neighbor Totoro – From 6 years old

A film between reality and imagination for the fan of japanese streetwear. Two sisters, who are going through the ordeal of having a sick mother who is hospitalized for a long time, move with their father to a house in the country, near the hospital. And they will go from discovery to discovery, between their new home and the forest. In particular, they will meet strange creatures, including Totoro who will become a benevolent friend, while waiting for mom’s return. A beautiful journey in the heart of a magnificent nature. An original and magical film.

Kiki the little witch – From 6 years old

At 13, Kiki, to become a real witch, must leave her parents and stay away from home for a year. A remarkable tale about the end of childhood where we are amazed by the aerial drawings (Kiki moves on her broomstick). We get attached to this little witch and to all the benevolent characters who surround her and cross her path. A film to see with the family and which is good for you.

The castle in the sky – From 9 years old

A film with enchanting animations that makes you dream. The young Sheeta, heiress and sovereign of Laputa, a mythical island-city located in the sky and coveted by everyone, is the only one who holds the “key” to access it. Rescued by Pazu, a young intrepid aviator, as she escapes from a pirate airship where she was held prisoner, Sheeta will live epic adventures with him, pirates and army on their tail. A lot of humor and poetry in this ecological and pacifist film. A pearl.